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Olive Green

Olive Green


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The axis of this language course is a 3-hour interactive action film, divided into 60 episodes. While watching, you can decide what course the action will take, as well as solve games and language puzzles to proceed.

You listen to authentic, modern English language, and its various pronunciations. Can there be a more engaging way of learning?

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After watching each episode, you can do language exercises related to its content. As the film action develops, difficulty level will rise from beginner (A1) through to advanced (C1).

Several thousand exercises await you to help you develop your scope of vocabulary, check your listening comprehension, hone your speaking abilities, and master your grasp of English grammar.


The exercises that you complete are later repeated according to the SuperMemo method, which guarantees fastest learning possible and remembering for good at the same time.

SuperMemo will plan the repetition process in line with your individual pace of learning and achievements - all you have to do is to fully surrender to the algorithm and learn even for as little as 20 minutes every day for best results.

Learn fast and forget about forgetting

As early as in the late 1980s, SuperMemo was first to apply computer technology to optimize intervals between repetitions. Ever since we have been the world leader in research on human long-term memory. Even though today spaced repetition is common in educational apps, SuperMemo is still the unique source of original research and development in this field.

With the Olive Green course, you can enjoy learning supported by the most up-to-date SuperMemo algorithm that is the only one truly based on scientific research.

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The most awarded course of English

New York Festivals World’s Best TV & Film 2016, Gold World Medal

winner in the Entertainment category in New York, US

The London Book Fair International Excellence Awards 2016, Winner

award in the Educational Learning Resources category in a contest by The London Book Fair in London, UK

BETT Awards 2016, Winner

award in the Educational Apps category in a contest by BESA (British Educational Suppliers Association) in London, UK

Cannes Corporate Media and TV Awards 2015, Gold Dolphin

winner in the Online Interactive Videos category in Cannes, France/Austria

US International Film & Video Festival 2015, Gold Camera

winner in the Action&Adventure category in Los Angeles, US

US International Film & Video Festival 2015, Grand Prix

Best of Festival winner in the Entertainment category in Los Angeles, US


GESS Education Awards 2016, Finalist

shortlisted in the Best Paid for ICT and App Product category in Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Reimagine Education 2015

shortlisted in the E-learning Innovation category in a contest by QS and Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania in Philadelphia, US

ELTons 2015

shortlisted in the Digital Innovation category in a contest by the British Council in London, UK

E-learning Awards 2014

shortlisted in the Most Innovative E-learning Product category in a contest by The eLearning Network in London, UK

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