Our method

Human memory is a messy affair and it is not getting any better as we grow older. Even kids, whose “hard disc drives” are relatively empty, have problems remembering things. Once you start your professional career, you are expected to internalise enormous amounts of new concepts and know-how. Slot by slot, your memory bank is used up. Add to it “family life” with billions of small chores and “to-do things” that you have to keep in mind … No wonder an average adult struggles to remember the name of their pet dog before their morning cup of coffee.

The creators of the SuperMemo method undertook to help people in such condition. The studied in detail the process of remembering to isolate the key factors affecting it. They realised that a pattern is followed when you learn something, like a word in a foreign language.


If you find the word cool useful, there is a good chance you will learn it after a few repetitions. But if not, you will need to repeat it far more often. But when exactly? What should the ideal interval be? An experienced teacher could tell you that, but you do not have a 24/7 access to one. You can always work harder to pack your brain with the items of vocabulary, that much is true, but how long can you keep yourself motivated to do this?

And so, because of the limits of the human memory, the precious knowledge that you possess for a brief moment quickly vanishes into oblivion.

However, this issue has been successfully dealt with by the solution developed by SuperMemo World. Their famous award-winning algorithm can become your own personal teacher, available any time you need him. The algorithm will learn your needs and adjust the knowledge input accordingly. It will know when something needs your special attention and when you can move ahead faster. 20 minutes of working with it a day may help you achieve the knowledge retention rate of well over 90%!

Do you understand how big a game-changer this can be when you try to learn a foreign language?

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