About SuperMemo World

SuperMemo World, based in Poznań, Poland, is one of the most renowned providers of digital education solutions globally. Its product range includes dozens of multimedia language courses available online and offline, for PCs and the latest mobile devices.

The core technical solution powering SuperMemo products is the highly advanced algorithm invented by the company founders and collaborators. The algorithm is being constantly optimised to help clients remember more and faster than when using any other competitive solution.

To the best of our knowledge, SuperMemo was the first ever computer program to apply advanced, intelligent algorithms, based on plotting forgetting curves, in optimizing the process of repetitions of the learned material. Basing on scientific research back in late 80′s of the 20th century (noncommercially) and early 90′s (as a company), we actually coined the term “spaced repetition”, now globally used by thousands of apps and services, sometimes openly, sometimes tacitly, often unconsciously, copying SuperMemo ideas.

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The story of SuperMemo World goes back to 1991 when it was established by two bright, entrepreneurial students with a grand plan. In the light of the changing economic realities, they understood that being a fast learner is the key feature for anyone who wanted to adapt and thrive. Their business plan assumed the launching of new products that would facilitate learning and acquiring news skills, based on new technologies.

SuperMemo team

SuperMemo team

Over the years the company has won dozens of awards for innovation in the field of education while its products have been described repeatedly as extremely effective by independent experts. SuperMemo courses are used by companies, state and academic institutions, and people of all ages from all over the word.

Today the company continues to grow and explore the potential of mobile devices and Internet-based technologies. It is a friendly work environment with a dedicated staff that is highly involved in coming up with new creative ideas. Olive Green is their latest brainchild.

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