The story starts with a certain girl trying to sort her life out

The girl is an exceptional one – smart, beautiful and sensitive. A nearly perfect match for any man provided that he could accept her line of work. This might be hard as she is a professional art thief, working for private collectors, crime syndicates and anyone who can afford her skills.



She loves her job, or in fact, she used to love it … Before she hooked up with the wrong kind of people. People that do horrible, cruel things and feel happy doing them.

To escape from her former client, the girl (whom we shall call Olive, though it’s not her name) accepts a job from a mysterious British businessman. He wants her to steal a precious painting from a country manor in a small town, west of London.

It seems easy and fun, but it’s not. Her mission is nothing like what she expected. She did not expect to be messing up with high-profile criminals. She did not imagine herself being betrayed, chased and brutalised. And she never anticipated to find … love. A love that is as annoying as it is sweet.

Once she completes the heist, the REAL trouble begins. The enemies are at her heels, time is running up and the people she loves are at risk. Olive will need to put to use all her wit, determination and badass fighting skills to entangle this mess.

We should probably stop at this point. We wouldn’t want to spoil it for you, would we?

Olive Green is an interactive film that is the pivotal element of an innovative English course available via an online learning platform. The project is being developed by SuperMemo World, an award-winning publisher of multimedia language courses. The authors of Olive Green hope that it will help you learn English fast and easy, but most of all – that it will be enormous fun to watch and play!