July 9, 2014

“Help Me Survive” Lyrics

Following the request of one of our users, here are the lyrics to the song „Help Me Survive” from the film “Olive Green”. It’s a pleasure to know that there are people who want to learn the lyrics by heart. It’s a very original way of learning English, too! The lyrics were written by brothers Jacek and Sebastian Winkiel. The finishing touches were provided by vocalist John James, who sings the male part of the song.

It’s almost ten o’clock, it’s getting dark outside
I have to do the job, I keep my gun beside,
The mystery excites and danger turns me on
I promise to myself: maybe just this once …

I’m walking in the rain, lonely through the night
I love and hate this game, dancing with the crime
My time is running out, it’s time to say goodbye,
Help me survive! Help me survive!

She’s a lonely, pretty girl, friends with guns and art,
who can help her to pull out of that crazy life?
Once we met in a bar, I looked into her eyes
I saw a cry for help, I will never let her die!

We can’t go together for this kind of life.
Yes, I know, but I’m too mesmerized to stop
Don’t you ever lose your head when it’s getting hot?
No … and I don’t wanna lose you.


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