Murray’s bodyguards

Murray's bodyguards - Steve Mancour, Grant Huggair, Matthew McCarthy

Murray’s bodyguards
Played by:

Grant Huggair
Matthew McCarthy
Steve Mancour

These three lads are Murray’s personal “guard dogs” – loyal, strong and not too bright. As Murray was recruiting his security staff, moral integrity and impeccable job history were not among the characteristics he was interested in. Most of all, he wanted people who can handle themselves in a fight, know how to use a gun and are not particularly afraid of the coppers.

The three lads will hurt or kill anyone if Murray tells them to do so. They are mean and violent, but once they meet Olive, they will wish they had chosen a different line of work.

2,122 thoughts on “Murray’s bodyguards

  1. Anna Kostracz

    I think in all movies bodyguards
    are not too smart. The bald man seems to be a little scary, and I think he will
    be leading a group of bodyguards. I wonder how it will look their meeting with
    Olive. What do you think – a group of three guards can do Olive?

  2. Daria s'Sell

    I guess, the
    main character of the movie – Olive would outsmart all of them. I would be
    really nice surpriced if it didn’t go that way. Lots of plots are easy to
    predict, will it be the same this time?

  3. Rak

    i thing will it be the same in this time I’m curious what tasks will get to perform so strong mens. How many people they kill?

  4. Radek Kowalewski

    Women, you got right about stupidity of bodyguard. I’m curious about Murray’s reaction, when they will be beaten by Olive. By the way, in that pictures I see a lot of guns so I think the movie will be very exciting! And one more thing – Olive looks so sexy in that photos, especially with this red lipstick <3 You can't disagree with me, can you? :)

  5. Mike

    Rak, I think a lot…
    Radek, I totally agree, she’s extremaly sexy! But I hope it’s not everything what she can do, you know… She beats someone’s bodyguards ;) Do you think she’ll have problems because of this with Murray?

  6. Papaja

    Am I the only one who thinks that these three guys are funny? :D I can’t really see them in a serious fight. The biggest one is rather like a teddy bear than like a body guard, the bold one reminds me of The Pirates of the Carribean :-) I’m sure Olive’s going play them like boys :)

  7. Papaja

    Am I the only one who thinks that these three guys are funny? :D The biggest one is rather like a teddy bear than a bodyguard, and the bold one reminds me of Pirates of the Carribean :D I think Olive will play them like boys. I can’t see them in a real fight!

  8. rafal

    you’re right, they look ridiculous :). I can not imagine wearing them in a real fight. Which reminds you a pirate of the Caribbean?

  9. Joe

    Papaya, following your discussion I thought: Whoa! why no one has written what they’re funny! They have every right weapons and suits, are serious but not fit for the job. Especially the bald, should have the skin and look like a gangster from Russia. Even their audi should be black; d

  10. Czapla

    I also think that the guards are ridiculous. Maybe that was the idea? Do you think they will be shown in the film as funny bodyguards? I hope so! I love the funny moments in movies. I wonder how Murray would treat them. He will punish them? Yelled? What do you think?

  11. Ayradna

    That’s true, they look like very funny, especially on the first picture… I’m not so sure if they will be shown in the movie like that, but it really could be nice. Murray will deffinitely punish them, for me it would be logical if he would fire them… But then it would be no more fun :P So I’m sure he’ll do something different ;)

  12. BiggestFun

    Haha, Men in black :D I think they may be the topic of comedy, for a change. And also I’m sure Murray will punish them, but I hope that he’ll do it in inconventional way.

  13. Marek Jarociński

    Wow, I saw pic 24 and I’m startled! Except a lot of guns and ellegant suits there is a beautiful and expensive car :) Movie promises to bo extremely interesting! According to your idea of funny bodyguards, I think Murray after some fails of them will decide to do more work himself :D

  14. Karol Dereń

    Marek, I totally agree with you! Scenes with bodyguards probably will be the most funny in all episodes :) Of course i’m waiting for scenes with a lot of action, shooting, races and explosions!

  15. Armin

    I love these guys! They give the impression that they are dangerous, but I do not know why, but I look at them and it makes me want to laugh :) That’s what it seems to you? Which one of the guards seems to be the most fun?

  16. Jabali

    I think that bodyguards should be invisible. But I have no doubts that they know how to do their job. I still cant see why they are funny, explain me please.

  17. Anatte

    It must be some funny episode! This bodyguards are different. This in the middle with weapon looks like child! Maybe this is the answer on the question why many people laugh at them!

  18. Armin

    Just look
    on their faces :) Maybe wrong chosen actors, but as I look at them, they do not
    scare me. Only one man makes an impression a little scary – the bald. And
    what do you think?

  19. Marek Jarociński

    Hey, you still talking about their funny look. There is a lot of other questions!
    What do you think, will they be a team and do everything together, or each of them is an expert in some fields?

  20. Adam

    The one on the right reminds me of a movie of hamster turning around and looking at you with dramatic music. He have the same look at his face as that hamster.

  21. Diego

    I think they will be a team, but this doesn’t preclude the fact that each of them can be a specialist in something. Do you think that they will perform the tasks properly? And for me they aren’t funny at all :) They are rather frightening, violent and mean.

  22. krzysio

    In my opinion they are very well carry out their tasks. I do not know why you think they are frightening. They make me laugh.

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