October 20, 2014

13 types of exercises in Olive Green language course

Starting in October, 13 types of interactive exercises have been made available in the OG course. Apart from the true-or-false type exercises and vocabulary exercises, which you have known from the previous version, we have introduced these new types of exercises:

  • 154 drag-and-drop exercises
  • 14 phrase-grouping exercises, which allow you to divide phrases into categories
  • 537 multiple choice exercises
  • 93 exercises using a drop-down menu
  • 27 matching-pairs exercises
  • 8 exercises based on the Memory game, which you have seen in the film
  • 111 word ordering exercises
  • 95 questions-and-answers type exercises
  • 21 exercises for striking out unnecessary phrases
  • 650 gap-filling exercises
  • 39 interactive dialogues, where you can use a voice recognition tool to have a talk with characters from the course!

Altogether, there are 1650 exercises which will help you master 118 grammatical issues. Each film scene is now accompanied by a few dozen exercises which enable you to practise grammar at all levels: from beginner (A1) to advanced (C1). We will describe the interactive dialogues at length in the future.

It was important for us to prepare those exercise for the Olive Green course, not only as a way of introducing the often dreaded English grammar in as varied a way as possible. It was also a big step towards further development of the website OliveGreenTheMovie.com by means of adding material from our previous language courses.


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