October 8, 2014

The update of the content now available!

We are pleased to inform that a large content update for the Olive Green course is already available. To meet the expectations of our customers we have added a grammar section comprising over 100 topics in 1500 interactive exercises. Simultaneously we have introduced 11 new types of exercises, such as multiple choice, fill the gap, drag and drop, match the pairs and others.

Olive Green - Grammar

The addition of a new section resulted also in some changes in the interface of the programme, the most important of which is the introduction of a two-level tree of contents on the programme bar, with a list of lessons available under the “Learn” menu.

The exercises include interactive dialogues which allow the user to take the initiative and have a real conversation with the computer (within selected topics). Thanks to the speech recognition system you can give your answer out loud and the programme will first convert it to text and then react to it. Please note that you must be using the web browser Chrome for this feature to work properly.

We are also proud to announce the launch of a computer application that allows to learn without access to the Internet. With the SuperMemo Cloud service you can learn online at the OliveGreenTheMovie.com (e.g. during a work break), as well as with the disc version of the course (e.g. in the evening at home), and the information about your progress will be automatically transferred between the devices used to access the content. Cloud-ready mobile apps for Android and iOS will also be available soon.


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