Beatrice’s parents

Beatrice Parents (Stephan Campbell & Sophie Campbell) - David France & Jan Rook

Stephen and Sophie Campbell
Played by:

David France
Jan Rook

They are the parents of Beatrice Campbell and former owners of Campbell Manor. They died in a car accident staged by Robert Murray in mid-1980s.

Stephen and Sophie were both born in old-money families and have known each other since childhood. While people of their background do not really arrange marriages, their parents were confident they would make a perfect match. And so, they strongly encouraged Sophie and Steven to be together as much as possible until they, sort of, fell in love with each other strongly enough to consider getting married.

Sophie Campbell & Stephen Campbell - Jan Rook & David France

Steven and Sophie were not bad people. Their problem was that mentally they got stuck in the late 19th century when the world was divided into classes and each class had its privileges and obligations. And so, Sophie Campbell did not labour a single day in her entire life, other than doing some charity work that produced little tangible effect. Steven, on the other hand, was a political activist working hard to stop any effort aimed at making the UK a modern, culturally-diversified democracy.

Sophie Campbell - Jan Rook

Steven and Sophie cared a great deal about Beatrice, their only child, and had grandiose plans for her. She was to obtain a prestigious academic degree, work for a year or two to see what it feels like and then marry a suitable candidate in order to produce two or three heirs to the family’s legacy.
Not even in their worst nightmares did they see their daughter falling for a common truck driver. That would have been a tragedy. And so when a mutual friend introduced Steven to Robert Murray – a young, well-connected man who had a ready solution, Steven could not believe his luck.

19 thoughts on “Beatrice’s parents

  1. Ayradna

    That’s sad, but the theme is known. Aristocratic family with traditions… I think that’s why they so much wanted their dother has a husband from their social class. You can not say, that they didn’t love Beatrice, but if they didn’t try to interfere in her life, they would still be alive.
    By the way, it’s interesting, why they are decribed here and the’re played by some actors… Do you think they’re still alive when the movie starts?

  2. Adrian Pokrywka

    Good question Ayradna :) I think that Stephen and Sophie will die in first, maybe second episode. What is more, I’m really curious about this accident. Have you got any ideas how Robert arrange it? I’d like to see a powerful beginning of Olive!

  3. Mike

    Hmm… Maybe you’re right. They can die at the very beginning. But they can also appear in next episodes in memories, don’t you think?
    I’ve got no idea, how this accident how can this accident looks like… A bomb or another explosive is probably not the best idea, is it? :P

  4. Mike

    Hmm… Maybe you’re right. They can die at the very beginning. But they can also appear in next episodes in memories, don’t you think?
    I’ve got no idea, how this accident how can this accident looks like… A bomb or another explosive is probably not the best idea, is it? :P

  5. Werka

    Everything I expect from someone like Robert Murray – even a bomb. However, I wish that the accident was presented in a surprising way. I also think that these scenes will be shown at the beginning in the movie. I wonder why Robert killed them? Someone can explain it to me?

  6. Michaell

    For their aristocratic ideas: D To me their death will be presented in the middle of a flashback. Given their views, it probably was an assassination. I think that Robert will surprise us with something: D

  7. Adam Karski

    Wow, your ideas are not bad! But we have to remember that Beatrice’s Parents will die in car crash, so Robert should arrange it like a car crash. I’m sure he will invents something ingenious! His bodyguards probably will help him. This is a great subject to discuss, because there are one of first and main themes of movie and we don’t know how film makers will show it us. I hope they will surprise us :)

  8. Karolla

    I don’t think that Stephen and Sophie will first. It will by very easy script. When someone young will die it
    can by riddle. Who? Why? This people have very boring life, especially, Sophie.
    Her life is terrible!

  9. Karolina Noworyta

    I was also thinking about the time they will die or the role they will play in the movie. I think that some memories make the point. I really like families with tradition and Beatrice’s parents definitely had one. But it’s also important to balance the tradition with reality. I think that they couldn’t find themselves in this modern world.

  10. Adam Karski

    Karolina, you’re right. People like Beatrice Parent’s can’t live in XXI century. Their views on world are too old, especially about hierarchy of society. I think they wouldn’t be interesting characters in movie, so it’s good that they die.

  11. AntośKa

    Adam, you’re right however Sophie is a reasonable woman. Her husband makes a problem. He mentally got stuck in the late 19th. He doesn’t know what the word ‘life’ means these days!

  12. Kika

    Yeah, for sure they’re a bit old fashioned, but don’t you think they’re cute in the way they are? I mean, it’s a kind of achievement to stay the same even though the whole world has changed!

    1. Pszemek

      Hmm… Maybe you’re right. People like to excuse oneself just not to say they aren’t guilty and like to say everything is so because world changes. It’s not so easy to stay with their own views when everything around isn’t so constant. But sometimes we all should check our mind and I think it’s even more difficult to accept changes which favor them. And I think this was a problem of Beatrice’s parents.

  13. Greta

    Old fashioned, no old fashioned-I dont like them. I dont respect people who dont give a choice of life for their kids. even if its done not overtly.

  14. Daro

    I don’t like such people. They are mentally stuck in the late 19th century, when the world was divided into classes, and each class has its rights and obligations. Now they’re trying to forcibly set the life of your child.

  15. Ananas

    Right, it’s a difficult situation for children, when parents know better what’s good for them. On the other hand, if I were a mother I would also do my best for my daughter to give her everything what’s est for her (at lest best in my opinion)!

  16. Marika

    I also don’t like such people, but they don’t see what they’re doing. They have been mannered so and they do their best. Even if it’s not the best for their dother, they love her and it’s the way how they want show it.

  17. MountEverest

    Ananas, sometimes parents opinion is the worst, what can happend to their child… when I see them on the pictures they seem to be so nice, such a good people! I’m sure they are not able to hurt their daughter

  18. Evka

    MountEverest maybe they don’t realize that they do wrong if they interfere with son lives. Parents should give advices but not say what we MUST do.


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