February 12, 2014

Interview with the film producer


We are interviewing Mike Saraswat, the film producer of Olive Green

What are you most proud of within the Olive Green project?

I am really proud of the dedication and sheer hard work that has gone into making Olive Green come alive. Team members from both Ekstasy and SuperMemo have really bonded together and pursued the production of the project relentlessly and without breaking a sweat or forgetting to wear a smile.

What was the most challenging part of your work?

As a Producer the most challenging aspect is expectation management. Always trying to promise less and deliver more.

What are your expectations about the final project?

I have high expectations from the final project. It is in many ways a first project of its kind. I expect it to be at the forefront of redefining the language learning experience. It will be really beneficial for language learners and cinema enthusiast alike, all over the globe.

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