October 30, 2014

Olive Green appreciated by customers

We passed the last days of October under the sign of meeting with the clients of Olive Green. We visited the Digital Learning Congress in Warsaw and the Book Fair in Krakow.

The Digital Learning Congress is an industry meeting for over five hundred professionals. Our lecture entitled “Interactive action movie as a tool to keep up the engagement of digital learners” was given to a full house. We learned with satisfaction that most people involved in e-learning know Olive Green and we also heard many warm words about the project itself: congratulations on the idea and the quality of the product, and wishes of success in sales. It seems that there are many people who support this project and diligently follow its progress ;-)

Olive Green was also the main heroine of our booth at the Book Fair in Krakow, which this year had a record attendance. Crowds of visitors appeared also at our booth. The boxed version of the Olive Green course, which was released only a couple of weeks ago, enjoyed the most popularity. Clients were enthused with the idea of ​learning with a feature film and many decided to make the purchase or to register in the online service.


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