December 18, 2015

Table of contents

Following many inquiries on the content of the “Olive Green” course, we are happy to present the table of content with all the lessons. Each of them is based on one of the 60 scenes that the film consists of. The material of the course encompasses all language levels, from the elementary A1 up to the most advanced C1.

Level    No.    Grammar    Interactive dialogue
A1 1 personal pronouns
to be
possessive pronouns
Introducing oneself
Giving basic personal data (nationality, age, job, phone number, address, email)
A1 2 this / that / these / those
have got / has got
Saxon Genitive
Describing one’s family, what family members do and where they live
Asking questions
Asking for clarification
Encouraging the interlocutor to take part in the conversation
A1 3 Present Simple Saying hello and goodbye
Booking a room at a hotel
Checking in at a hotel
Asking about the opening hours of hotel facilities (e.g. restaurant)
A1 4 Present Simple
Making plans for the afternoon
Preparing a meal (kitchen equipment, basic kitchen activities, simple recipe)
Going to the swimming pool
Going to a match (team sports)
A1 5 there is/there are
Going out on a date, asking someone out on a date
Planning an evening out in a nearby town
Describing a town and how to get there
Making suggestions on how to spend the evening and what attractions to see
Choosing the means of transport
A1 6 Past Simple
question words
would like
Booking a table at a restaurant
Ordering meals
Ordering drinks
A1 7 was/were
Past Simple
comparative adjectives
Showing a guest around one’s house
Telling family stories, events from the past
Describing family members, the house and changes that happened to it over the years
A1 8 can/can’t
prepositions of movement
Asking out to the cinema, concert or party
Making plans to go out with a friend over the phone
A1 9 Present Continuous Finding the right shop
Shopping at the newsagent’s, clothes shop and shoe shop
A1 10 will Giving advice on health and lifestyle
Asking for help
Talking about one’s health and how one is among friends
A1 11 Present Perfect
Organising a public event, party or meeting
Giving orders
Planning actions
Giving arguments
A1 12 have to / has to + can / can’t
have to + can / can’t
Talking about road signs, means of transport and Sat-Nav
Describing how a device works
A2 13 expressing opinions
expressing preferences
Small talk
Expressing opinions on TV programmes and celebrities
Giving arguments, keeping the conversation going, finishing the conversation
A2 14 future forms
possessive pronouns
Planning holidays
Browsing through holiday offers
Ordering holidays
Describing a perfect getaway (participants, place, daily schedule, entertainment)
A2 15 Present Simple
will / won’t
Giving information on how to get to one’s destination
Describing a city
Talking about how household chores are distributed
Agreeing and disagreeing
Looking for a compromise
A2 16 may
could for hypothesising
Taking part in a TV show and talking to an audience
Answering competition questions
Haggling, objecting and looking for ways of solving a conflict
Talking about measurements and means of transport
A2 17 have to vs must
everybody / everywhere / everything
At an antique shop: buying works of art, talking about art, describing objects (appearance, dimensions, size, functions, age, colour, material, shape, style)
Looking for a gift
Expressing delight
A2 18 Present Perfect vs Past Simple
Past Simple: would & could
Radio interview: talking about one’s origins, education, work, choices, past events
A2 19 Present Continuous
countable & uncountable nouns
Planning shopping and meals, restocking supplies
Talking about the availability of food products
Talking about takeaway food
Talking about various cuisines (including the traditional British cuisine)
Objecting, expressing surprise
Naming activities related to preparing meals
A2 20 Past Continuous
Past Continuous vs Past Simple
Telling a story to friends: about a family member, about past and recent events
Expressing interest
A2 21 Passive voice Street survey: expressing one’s opinion
Talking about environment protection, how the man influences the environment, pollution, renewable resources
A2 22 Superlative of adjectives
comparative and superlative of adverbs
Deciding on the topic of an article
Describing dangerous professions (firefighter, stuntman), job-related injuries (plus body parts), division of professions according to the gender
A2 23 question tags
interrogative pronouns
Conversation at a shop: buying food, asking for help, stating the amount and weight, calling and describing food articles
A2 24 zero conditional
time clause
complex sentences
First steps with a computer: giving instructions to a beginner user, giving orders and advice, describing computer hardware and mobile devices (how they function, what they look like, their component parts, functions, safety measures)
B1 25 Present Perfect Continuous
Present Perfect Continuous vs Present Perfect
for vs since
Internship interview: describing one’s education
Starting a conversation, directing the course and structure of the conversation
B1 26 First Conditional
if vs when
Learning together for an exam in human anatomy (blood and bone systems)
Giving feedback (“good answer”)
B1 27 should / ought to
to be allowed
to let
to make
Reporting a crime at a police station: talking about what happened, explaining and making hypotheses, giving arguments, looking for causes
Describing how one feels, asking for help
Asking about the penalty (talking about the procedure in case of criminal offence)
B1 28 Second Conditional
articles: the
Choosing the way of spending one’s holiday and destination
Deciding on the geographical location, route and length of a route for walking or cycling
Talking about touristic places, cultural events and history of the region
B1 29 used to
used to vs would
used to/would vs Past Simple
Reading job advertisements
Talking about employment conditions
Talking about one’s professional path and dream job
Talking about formalities necessary to take up legal job in the UK
Talking about cultural differences in the approach to work
B1 30 degrees of probability Unexpected meeting of friends/fiances from school times
Sharing memories, inquiring about what has changed and how the life has gone by
Asking if one’s plans and dreams have come true
B1 31 Past Perfect
Past Perfect vs Past Simple
Talking to a psychologist/psychotherapist
Expressing and describing one’s emotional states and feelings
Analysing one’s behaviour
Providing support
B1 32 adjectives
adjective endings
Division of roles and tasks in marriage/couple before Christmas
Describing the interior of a shop
Choosing a gift
Describing objects (Christmas decorations and toys): shape, material, size, colour, style
B1 33 relative pronouns in compound sentences
relative pronoun as object
Retelling a story (retelling what one has read or heard)
Expressing interest, surprise, shock, disbelief
B1 34 Reported speech Retelling airport announcements: reporting on the information heard, inquiring, calling parts of te airport, talking about the functioning of an airport
B1 35 Future forms Talking about the progress in science and consequences of the widely understood medical progress
Talking about one’s attitude towards online society (social media) and its characteristic features
B1 36 Passive voice Filing a complaint
Returning and exchanging a faulty product
Expressing dissatisfaction, outrage, gratefulness
Describing the defect
Suggesting a solution
Describing procedures
B2 37 Future Continuous Employee assessment: expressing dissatisfaction with one’s working conditions, indicating room for improvement, suggesting solutions
B2 38 Extreme adjectives
Adjectives with the -ish ending
Panel discussion about a historical figure (Shakespeare)
Talking about facts, speculations and interpretations about his life
B2 39 Future Perfect
Future Perfect Continuous
Talking to a post office clerk: sending letters, parcels and other mail, choosing the right postal charges
B2 40 Past Perfect Continuous Interview with a specialist in paranormal phenomena on the scope of his interests (UFO, angels, demons, zombie, warewolves, ghosts etc.)
B2 41 Past modal verbs Talking about one’s life events, retelling difficult experiences
Expressing regret and sympathy
B2 42 Wish
If only
It’s (high/about) time + I’d rather
Talking about life traumas, such as separation, divorce, death of one’s spouse
Expressing outrage and sense of injustice, sympathy, condolences
Talking about legal solutions applicable in each situation
B2 43 Verbs with infinitive and gerund
As if / As though
Conversation between a tenant and an administrator: reporting damage, making an appointment with a plumber or electrician
B2 44 Third Conditional
Emphasis with do
Talking about one’s situation at work, changes at work, different career development paths, interpersonal conflicts, various scenarios for one’s professional development
B2 45 Word building
Compound nouns
Negotiating further cooperation between companies
Negotiating on the stance towards labour unions
Looking for a compromise and common ground
B2 46 Defining and non-defining relative clauses
Get something done / Have something done
Explaining how online payment work and what types there are
Discussing an idea for a e-business
B2 47 Passive voice with modal verbs
it is thought
Analysing the instructions for handling a mechanical device
Starting a blog
Following instructions on an online platform
B2 48 Advanced reported speech Business presentation delivered by two people
Presenting results, describing charts, presenting further plans
C1 49 Verbs of senses Asking about one’s health in urgencies
Giving first aid
Calling an ambulance
C1 50 Phrasal verbs
Nouns with prepositions
Russian mafia considering the options to enter new markets
Keeping the conversation going, expressing interest
Presenting ideas, convincing, expressing agreement and support
C1 51 Future in the past Reporting a crime, car accident, collision or arson over the phone
Asking for help
Replying to questions by police officers
Reporting on the event and the place of the event
C1 52 Suppose / Supposing
Radio conversation about dealing with stress while waiting (e.g. for the results of important medical checkup)
Role of patience and perseverance in everyday and extraordinary situations that require waiting
C1 53 Mixed Conditionals Small talk about topics that stir the public opinion (old age, social campaigns, genetically modified food)
Choosing the topic, convincing others about one’s line of argument, expressing one’s opinion, expressing objection
C1 54 Passive forms Talking about home budget
Negotiating changes that have to be introduced as the resources are going to be limited
C1 55 Verbs followed by -ing or infinitive or both or with various patterns Small talk about security in the net, participating in local elections and organising local volunteering initiatives
C1 56 Similes
Compound adjectives
Conversation between a young entrepreneur and a potential investor
Looking for sources to finance a start-up, presenting a product, presenting business assumptions, convincing others about one’s vision
C1 57 It in sentences Registering one’s company, talking to a tax office clerk, asking for more details or additional explanations
C1 58 Reported speech Debate among members of the city council who are trying to decide whom to erect a monument
Leading a discussion, convincing to one’s point of view, undermining other solutions, replying to accusations
C1 59 Inversion in conditional sentences
Inversion with adverbials and in complex sentences
Cleft sentences
Discussing a project consisting in writing a book review
Choosing elements that are characteristic of a review, deciding about the structure of the article, discussing the correct language register
C1 60 Participle clauses Generation gap, conversation between a parent and a child on the plans for the future, asking for advice, considering various actions and development paths that can be selected

Apart from the grammar topics presented in the chart, each lesson contains the following sections: True or false, Vocabulary, Interactive dialogue and Dialogue vocabulary.


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