Beatrice Murray

Andrea Coombs - Batrice Murray

Beatrice Murray (age: 46)
Played by:
Veronica Stanwell and Andrea Coombs

She is Robert Murray’s wife and the mother of Curtis Murray. Following the tragic death of her parents, Sophie and Steven, she became the heiress to Campbell Manor and family assets.

Since she was a little girl Beatrice has always been volatile and very sensitive. Her parents never understood that. Of course, they did provide her with anything she could ask for in the material sense, but on the emotional level, she wasn’t receiving the support and appreciation she needed. Although her parents loved their only child, they were quite stern and expected her to do as she was told. Because of that Beatrice never developed strong self-esteem, nor was she taught to make her own decisions.

Beatrice Murray - Veronica Stanwell

Beatrice grew up to be a beautiful, smart, but also extremely insecure young woman. Martin Willis – a young truck driver whom she met while he was delivering groceries to the Manor – was the only person she felt she could connect to. Their relationship progressed very quickly. Beatrice was almost ready to break free from her parents when her mother took her away on a long journey – supposedly to spend some time with her daughter before she would move out to live with Martin.

Beatrice Murray - Andrea Coombs

The trip was a scheme of her parents. They took Beatrice to exciting places and surrounded her with incredible luxury. All that made the memories of her small-town romance less spectacular. In the meantime, her mother, showing her best acting skills, regained her daughter’s trust. In one of the posh holiday resorts, Beatrice “stumbled upon” Robert Murray – an incredibly handsome, smooth-talking young lawyer. He seemed to be like Martin – kind, considerate, empathic but less … crude. Of course, it was her parents who had arranged this meeting, effectively pimping their own daughter to Murray. Beatrice began to appreciate Robert’s company. They started to spend more and more time together, drinking and having fun. Beatrice got … confused and let herself be seduced by Murray who managed to get her pregnant.

Beatrice Murray - Veronica Stanwell

Once it turned out she was going to have a baby, her parents used the sense of guilt against her, while Murray immediately proposed to her, assuring her of his love. Beatrice yielded to pressure and decided to give up on Martin for the sake of her child.

She came to regret that decision in later years when her cunning husband practically stole her fortune, brutally crushed whatever sense of self respect she still had and turned her into a sort of zombie, addicted to antidepressants.

5 thoughts on “Beatrice Murray

  1. Krudo

    She is an egzample of typical victim of lack of time spend with her parents.
    I really don’t think that she will be important figure in the movie. She will be only reason of action (I mean Martin’s action)

  2. Nicole

    Also I think that her character will not be one of the most important. Her story made ​​me sad. It’s terrible what happened to her. Parents want the best for her, and in fact they destroyed own daughter. It seems to me that she overdoes the drugs and die. What do you think of this possibility? :(

  3. Marek Jarociński

    Story of Beatrice is not interesting for me. There is a lot of funny or just better characters in the movie, like Alfie or Murray’s Bodyguards. However young Beatrice is so beautiful, she won’t be interesting character for me.


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