Robert Murray

Robert Murray - Toby Eddington

Robert Murray (age: 55)
Played by:
Toby Eddington (middle-aged Robert) / David Frampton (young Robert)

He is the father of Curtis Murray and the husband of Beatrice Murray (maiden name: Campbell).

Robert is a scion of an aristocratic family whose roots date back to the Middle Ages. The Murrays had been accumulating wealth for centuries until Robert’s grandfather, John, came into possession of it. His hazardous business undertakings combined with his extravagant lifestyle left his family on the verge of bankruptcy and Robert’s parents had inherited little but the grand name.

The fact that he could have everything, but had received nothing made Robert frustrated and hungry for success. He decided he would do everything it takes to climb the social ladder.

His family name and hard work helped him get a diploma in law from Oxford University. Soon after he was offered a job with a very respectable law firm. It was a major step up that could mark a beginning of a spectacular career. But there was just one problem: Robert wanted to get rich quickly – not after many years of keeping his nose to the grindstone.

Toby Eddington - Robert Murray

And that was when he was introduced to Stephen Campbell who was in distress over his daughter’s regrettable relationship with Martin Willis. Robert gave it a thought and suggested a solution that Stephen welcomed with open arms. Beatrice Campbell’s parents did all they could to help Robert seduce Beatrice, put a baby in her, and then basically coerce her into marrying him.

As a result, Robert became a husband of very affluent, naive and docile girl (especially after he had her put on powerful anti-depressants). Now the only problem was her parents who began to realize what kind of devil they had let out of the box. Robert decided to have them killed and achieved that goal with little effort, becoming de facto owner of the splendid Campbell Manor and the manager of family’s assets.

David Frampton - Robert Murray

That felt great, but did not satisfy Murray’s appetite for wealth. His legal practice brought him in touch with all kinds of people, mostly owners of tremendous financial assets, convinced that the British tax system was not working to their advantage. Murray knew a great deal about taxes and was able to advise his clients on how to pay less or nothing at all. In a matter of years, he established himself as a leading expert on tax evasion rendering services to clients from all walks of life, including criminals, such as Gennady Korolyov.

Other than money and power, the only thing that Robert cares for is art. He is a well-known collector and his pride and glory is the rare impressionist masterpiece known as “Thistle Flowers”.

As for his family life … Robert loathes his only son, Curtis, whom he considers an imbecilic loser. Many a time has he amused himself with the thought of having him … eliminated, just for the sake of peace of mind. Beatrice, to whom he once pronounced his undying love and devotion, he now treats as a minor nuisance that one needs to bear with dignity … A harmless ghost that follows you around, looking at you with empty, emotionless eyes.

All things considered, Robert’s life is nearly perfect … Until he meets Olive Green.

34 thoughts on “Robert Murray

  1. Karolina Noworyta

    I can see that Robert is kind of a black character but… I like him! He seems to be a little vain and cold-hearted. I’d love to fathom his thread!

  2. Sara

    I like threads of families whose roots go back so far – there is always a lot of mysteries and unexplained events. It is possible that he is the black character (he even looks like one), but I am very curious about his artistic passion… do U think Olive will change his life a lot?

  3. Daria

    I think Olive will change everyone’s life. He looks older than he is! He works with criminals and I suppose that he will be in trouble.

  4. Piotrek

    Robert is my favorite character. Interested in his aristocratic roots. Meet Olive and changes his life … What do you think about his dealings with his son?

  5. wsb.logistyka.dg

    Robert loathes his only son. This is terrible. Robert had a hard and difficult life when his life became an ideal he met Olive Green.

  6. Kitty

    I think the actor has been chosen perfectly for this role. The character played by him is very interesting and intriguing. But it frightens me his relationship with his son. The father should love his child. It seems to me that he loves money more than his son. And what you think about this character?

  7. Annie

    Yeah, he’s deffinitelly a black character. I think he’ll stop at nothing just to achieve greater fortune. That’s why he married Beatrice, then kill her parets… And also why he loathes his own son.
    What makes me curios is what will connect him with Olive Green? Just a job, or maybe somenting more? What do you think?

  8. Karolina

    I think it could be enchantment, maybe even something more. Perhaps Olive realizes him that despite the fact that he has a lot of money, but it lacks something he can not buy …

  9. Saska

    I think that Olive will be his enemy.

    Robert’s story sounds like from soap opera a little bit, and I really love it. In many films or TV series that kind of father-son conflict is showed.

  10. ewa

    I also really like movies where there is a conflict between father and son. But I think that Robert will not have a big conflict with Olive

  11. Marek Jarociński

    Probably I know how Robert and Olive will meet. Robert is very rich and well-gusted art collector. And Olive is very good thief. I think she will get a job – stealing a picture form Murray’s house. What do you think about my idea?
    Furthermore, did you see picture no. 34? LOL, it’s so funny! Murray has strange, but scary look :D

  12. Marcicha

    Marek Jarociński – you’re probably right. I wonder if Olivia steals for Robert the picture and how their relationships will look like. How about this – Olivia steals the
    picture, but don’t give it to Robert. Robert will be mad and angry so he will
    decide kill the girl. What do you think? Is this possible?
    As for the photos … It’s great! Great shows bad character of Robert!

  13. Kimi

    I agree with you that the images reflect his great character. In my opinion, Robert is mad at Olivia and LEDs currently wanted to kill her but he does not. Somehow her speaks.

  14. LaraSix

    Marcicha, I think it’s very possible, because it would be really interesting plot :-) Although it’s quite popular theme in many movies, but it may begin very quaint relationship. Do you think it would be dangerous, will someone die?

  15. Papaja

    For sure someone will die, but the question is – WHO? I think this is going to be one of the most interesting threads in this series!

  16. Belly

    I think that the person who might die would be Curtis. It seems to me that it might have something to do with Olivia. Maybe he wants to protect her against his father? What do you think? Or maybe you think that someone else will die?

  17. Karol Dereń

    In my opinion, Robert Murray and Mr. Cloutier will join their forces to beat Olive, but is so obvious that Olive will found a way to beat them :D What do you think, am I right?

  18. Lonely

    I think it’s possible. I’m sure Olivia beat them :) She is courageous, brave and beautiful. I hope that in the film will be a lot of interesting scenes and moments. Maybe Olivia will have an affair? And I wonder who will die: D

  19. Katrina

    @disqus_wz2OlKbVoK:disqus I agree with you. I guess that it can be just Robert or Olive. All in this film is possible because there is many intresting characters with mysterious past. :)

  20. Pierniczek

    Yeah, but you see, in this pictures there are two photos of him holding a gun and trying shoot somebody. So maybe there is more people he’d like to kill? What do you think? Or maybe it’s all about one person only?

  21. Sweetheart

    I think a lot of people may die. However, these two photos are from one scene – I think it must be kill someone important because Robert will kill this person, not his bodyguards. I wonder who is that person. I don’t think it was Olivia. So who?

  22. Kasia

    Yes, he’s trying to kill somebody. I can’t agree it won’t be Olive… She’s a main character, but he can just shoot her and not kill. I think he hates her so it’s really possible. And he also can try to shoot somebody else, but in this movie it can be everyone… Isn’t it so? :P

  23. Gnusmas

    Yes, I think it can be anyone, and probably not only one person… if you really want to get rich quickly, you have a lot of enemies!

  24. Marek Jarociński

    Hey, look on picture 19… Two big bosses at the table… Business? Secret deals? Or maybe an alliance? I’m so curious!

  25. Melina

    Right here is the right web site for anyone who would like to find out about this topic.

    You realize so much its almost tough to argue with you (not that I really will need to…HaHa).
    You certainly put a fresh spin on a topic that has been discussed for a long time.

    Great stuff, just excellent!


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