Jessica Owen

Jessica Owen - Jeanette Rourke

Jessica Owen (age: 50)
Played by:
Jeanette Rourke

She is the mother of David Owen and owner of a B&B in Old Berry.

Since Jessica – aged 17 at that time – landed her first job at a grocery shop, her life has been filled with hard work and a sense of purpose, namely running her own B&B. It took her 20 years to secure enough funding to realise her dream.

When she was in her mid-20s, she met David’s father, Lionel. He seemed to be a strong, reliable man – someone who would support her in pursuing her goal. They got married and David was born not long after. Over time, however, it turned out that Lionel was anything but strong and reliable. Jessica’s husband couldn’t care less about his wife’s ambition. What he wanted was a cosy home with a forgiving wifey awaiting him with warm supper. A kind of wifey that doesn’t mind it when you lose your job and can’t find another for a year.

Jessica Owen - Jeanette Rourke

Jessica could deal with her husband’s being useless, as well as with his drinking, but not with his being rough on little David. And so Lionel had to go.

Jessica Owen - Jeanette Rourke

Purchasing the B&B was one of the happiest moments of her life. She loves that place and works her fingers to the bone to make it accommodating and unique.

Jessica Owen - Jeanette Rourke

Jessica is a friendly and kind woman, generally liked by everyone. But even with her amiability, she has been through enough ups and downs to become tough and shrewd. She is very close to her son David and very proud of him being a policeman and all. She just wishes he could be a bit braver with girls – such as the lovely American named Olive who is currently staying in Room 5.

25 thoughts on “Jessica Owen

  1. Natalia

    Great person played by great actress… She’s the first one from parents in this movie who has got a goog relationship with her son. According to this decribtion I suppose, she wants David to be with Olive much more than he does. Do you think she will matchmake them, whether they fall in love without her help? Or maybe they even don’t like themselves?

  2. Adrian Pokrywka

    Natalia, that’s good point :) Actually, most parents in Olive Green have small or big argument with their kids. What about David and Olive – I think Jessica will help her son, and there will be some funny moments in movie :)

  3. Marcicha

    I think his mother will
    interfere in his relationship with Olive – perhaps even cause more problems
    between Olive and David. How do you think that Jessica discovers the true face
    of Olive? And how she react? Do you think that she will change her opinion
    about Olive?

  4. Karolla

    Jessica is very
    smart and bright. She will keep an eye on her cause her son is the most
    important person in her life. @Natalia: Jessica- love-help? No way!

  5. Medulla

    I think that she will try lead to relationship between Davin and Olive. She seems to be strong and wise woman. If David and Olive will be happy-in-love and Jessica will find out about Olive’s real face she won’t tell anybody. At least as long as she will be good to David.

  6. Naxe

    Well you sense, because do not forget that she got a
    kick out of life. After this has become clever. I think I will use this feature
    and mess sharply between David and Olive. It is certain. who could stop her

  7. Guest

    Naxe, I think he was clever also before. She had the strength to leave her husband and to run her own business. Many women would just live in a sour relationship afraid of doing something with their life. I love women like Jessica – strong, with self-confidence. But I’m also sure she’ll try to connect David and Olive – just like loving mothers do :)

  8. Flik

    Naxe, I think he was clever also before. She had the strength to leave
    her husband and to run her own business. Many women would just live in a
    sour relationship afraid of doing something with their life. I love
    women like Jessica – strong, with self-confidence. But I’m also sure
    she’ll try to connect David and Olive – just like loving mothers do :)

  9. maciej

    It certainly will want to connect David with a beautiful wise Olive.Jessica Owen is hardworking persevering woman. she takes care of her son, but she certainly DID know what is good for the Son/

  10. Daria

    I like
    strong women. She know what she will reach.
    I suspect that he will meet a new love. Man who will care about her and
    love and help. She has nasty past and some charakter in this story must have
    happyend :):):):):)

  11. Paula

    Maybe she knows, what is goot for her son, but she can’t decide for him. She can’t make his live happy. And I think she knows that and this is why she tries to have good relationship with David. In this way even if she can’t decide, she can help him, say him hers opinion, and just support him ;) I’m not so sure she still wants to meet love, she would rather her son to have one :)

  12. Saska

    I’m pretty sure that she will make some conspiracy to make Dave and Olli a couple:)
    mum doesn’t want the best for her son? Olli is intelligent, beautiful
    and independent, I think that’s the best type of woman;)

  13. Mała

    Paula, I agree with
    you but she cant interfere in his life. David is not a little boy! He doesnt
    need mommys help. If she tries to change his life she will loose her son.

  14. Eiffel65

    Even if David is not a little boy anymore, she is his mother, so she will interfere in his life. I think they might argue a lot about this, but she seems to be typical mother – she won’t let go before he has a wife and a family.

  15. Kika

    Maybe David is no longer a little boy, but he definitely looks like one! And his mother will always treat him like her little baby – that’s what mothers do. So I’m sure she WILL interfere on her son’s life! I just hope that it won’t make the relationship between them sour.

  16. Pa-ra-pa-pa-paaaa

    I think that anyway he should do something to get out from under the maternal care… I’m sure he’ll evoulate and in the end he’ll be a real man!

  17. Karolajn

    I think so too. I think that Olivia will change his attitude. Tell me, which is an adult male who living with mom? It doesn’t seem strange to you? :P

  18. Bettie

    Oh, we can say what David should do… But let’s think about his mother! Do you think she’ll be happy if he starts to trying get out from her care? Yeah, he obviously should. But I don’t think Jessica really wants this, she’s a mother and she will always want to have him with her! :)

  19. Jessy

    I totally agree with Bettie. Mother is always a mother. I think that she
    want David to get out of her care, but on the other hand he will always
    be her little kid. :) But i see her as a wonderful person by the way.
    Don’t you think so?

  20. Cookie

    I think Jessica would love David to finally settle down! She’s a wise woman, she knows that every adult man needs this. She’s strong enough, so I think it won’t be a problem for her when David moves out. Actually I think she will be pretty happy, especially when he moves in with some beautiful girl :)

  21. JoGo

    Karolajn you’re right!! Jessica will never lose contact with his son but he must live on his own, not permanently with mom. With mommy he will never change whatever in life. Nothing! He will work and work and work without love and adventures!!!!! Sad life……..

  22. Patricia

    JoGo – but maybe he like his life, even without love and adventures? I’m sure he also care about his mother, like she cares about him, I think they just need a bit more time to grow up…

  23. Nessie

    Hmmmm…. Particia, good point. Maybe he is this kind of men who doesn’t need love and adventures, maybe he appreciate his poor life. But you know he’s only a men, and every men needs a women by his side :) Olive and David- I think that there obviously is something beetwen them. And Jessica will have to accept that.

  24. Sonya

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