David Owen

Danny Mahoney - David Owen

David Owen (age: 26)
Played by:
Danny Mahoney

David is a rookie constable with the Old Berry police unit. He is a good-looking, kind, but slightly naive young man – not quite a tough-as-nails cop he would like to seem. However, he is by no means a softie. There is strength in him, but it needs a proper catalyst to manifest itself (such as the arrival of Olive).

His law enforcement career in Old Berry is a rather uneventful one. Its most exciting part is dealing with drunken teenagers on Saturday nights.

As for his romantic life … David has been in a few relationships – mostly with local girls – but none of them worked out, much to his mother’s disappointment.

Danny Mahoney & Charlotte Beckett - David Owen & Olive Green

David is very attached to his mother, Jessica Owen, who brought him up by herself. His father abandoned his family when David was 5. Perhaps it was that event that gave little David the notion of becoming a policeman – someone who sets things right and helps those in need.

The arrival of Olive brings quite a few changes to David’s peaceful existence. In fact, her coming to Old Berry is nothing short of a tornado that pulls him in whilst destroying almost everything he cares for. Unfortunately for David, Olive is just so lovely / smart / cool / HOT that he simply can’t get her off his mind.

Interview with Danny Mahoney

40 thoughts on “David Owen

  1. Bartosz Krzysztof Kamiński

    maybe he is handsome I do not know. But certainly there is a strong and brave young policeman. I like this actor.

  2. Daria

    Bartosz: it remains to be seen! Interesting what will his mother say about Olive. Mother is important for David but even when appear true love?

  3. Dawid

    You know … everything turns out later;). Although the appearance to David does not fit the uniform. Maybe the appearance looks like a person who is able to hit someone, but not muscular. Ye ?

  4. Katarzyna Traczyk

    He looks very cute in the last photo. David Owen is a very handsome guy. And this
    jacket is amazing! Does anyone know – he is in a relationship?

  5. Guest

    @disqus_gL2RsbYqN9:disqus : The appearance is not so important… The real power depends not of physical strenght, much more important is strong personality. I think he has got it, otherwise he would’t work as a policeman. Isn’t it so?
    By the way, maybe he’s not athletic, but it doesn’t mean right away he’s weak ;)

  6. Guest

    @disqus_gL2RsbYqN9:disqus The appearance is not so important… The real power depends not of physical strenght, much more important is strong personality. I think he has got it, otherwise he would’t work as a policeman. Isn’t it so?
    By the way, maybe he’s not athletic, but it doesn’t mean right away he’s weak ;)

  7. Hadassa

    @Dawid: The appearance is not so important… The real power depends not of physical strenght, much more important is strong personality. I think he has got it, otherwise he would’t work as a policeman. Isn’t it so?
    By the way, maybe he’s not athletic, but it doesn’t mean right away he’s weak ;)

  8. Ewelina

    I wonder how it will look like if Olive doesnt approve his job. He will be constantly working, maybe some secret commissions, while she’s at home alone. They won’t get through it.

  9. Olga Kamińska

    Olve may would betray him with someone else. Women like cops but don’t like to spend time alone. Besides David work is sometimes dangerous.

  10. Ana

    I suppose someone will betray anyway – it’s a series, there must be happening something interesting :-) but I don’t think that they won’t get through it, maybe some temporary troubles can occur, but in the end everything will be just fine ;-)

  11. John

    Well, I agree with you but don’t you think that he is a son mommy? It is extremely attached to her and had a few women who lost. What’s the point? Don’t even look at the man and the policeman because he wants to work and help people that you weren’t hurt as he was by his father? He is asshole.

  12. Karolla

    Yes, yes, yes! he’s son mommy! Olive is just soooooo lovely so smart soooo sweet. I don’t understand hem! He know nothing about Olive !

  13. Maffinka

    What do you
    think about him? I have mixed feelings. On the one hand he is very handsome,
    but the other he is mommy son. What do you think is going to happen between him
    and Olive? They will be together? I hope so!

  14. Papaja92

    He looks a little clumsy, what do you think? :D I don’t like guys who’re too attached to their mothers – it’s not a good batch for a husband ;-) But he is handsome and I’m pretty sure there will be something between him and Olive – I think the spread of this two may be even funny! Who knows?

  15. Karolina Noworyta

    Yeah, maybe he is a little clumsy, but I think that makes him even cuter ;-) I just hope it’s not a problem in his work – people always think of policemen as strickt guys, David definitely doesn’t have that look!

  16. Marek Jarociński

    Woow, what a debate! :) In my opinion, Danny as actor/ real man is cool, but his character in movie is so…girly :) Olive need a strong, responsible man, and he isn’t. By the way, Olive is a thief and David is a cop – this (ewentually) relationship is little bit strange, isn’t it? Moreover, what do you mean, will be some private scenes between them? Recently I think that David kissed Olive (or vice versa), and suddenly David’s mom come!

  17. Marti Dzik

    Marek, he’s so girly because he was raised by mum only and he is very attached to her.
    Maybe he is a secret Olivia’s brother, like Luke and leia in SW?:) And I’m not sure if Olive needs tuffguy, maybe she is tuff enough and David, as sweet and romantic in private will be her perfect match? We’ll see!

  18. Pjo

    I completely agree with Mark Jarociński. Although David is a cop he doesn’t look very masculine. I have some concerns about his relationship with Olivia. I think that their
    relationship didn’t have a chance. You see them together? I unfortunately didn’t.

  19. Kimi

    I think that David is a very nice and personable and police uniform is very masculine. I hope oliwia also thinks like me.

  20. Sandra

    Pjo – I think that it would be too obvious, if they would finally be together. I think they may have a romance or be friends, but in the end Olive will choose someone else and he’ll find a nice and cute girl…

  21. Nicole

    I hope it won’t be as you say, Sandro! And finally be together. They perfectly fit together. Do you think that will be the second part of this video? And maybe they will do more parts?

  22. SmartPants

    Well, TV series will be better that a single movie. David is cute but definatelly not my type.
    And he will end up with Olive because there is no one else:D It must happen

  23. Adrian Pokrywka

    Hmm, you still discuss about David’s ewentually relationship with Olive, but there is a lot of other subjects! I wonder about his career in police. Is he good policeman? Or maybe he has an argument with his sheriff? What do you think?

  24. Papaja

    Well, when I look at his pictures I don’t think he is a good policeman. Just look at the way he’s holding the gun! :D Like a lady! He’s probably too soft! I’m not so sure about his disagreement with sheriff, he looks like a person whom everybody adore, maybe he’s sheriff’s pupil?

  25. Dana

    And I wonder about pictures where he’s in a hole with Olive… What’s that, what do you think? Maybe they want to bury somebody? And why Olive has got a hot water bootle there? :P

  26. Nikita

    Olivia probably holds water during a break in filming.

    I think it’s very possible that they want someone to bury. I wonder just who? Do you
    have any ideas? Or maybe they want someone to dig?
    Go to picture 47 or 48 :)

  27. Spiker2

    They will bury..Robert Murray becuse he is not good person:) Or they will bury a stolen treasure, because David will join the Dark Side;)
    and water was drunk in breaks in filming:)

  28. Nice girl

    haha, it’s a good idea.
    They could bury Robert DD Unfortunately David as a policeman surely respects
    the law. Although I would like to see how he is breaking the law ^ ^ And you?

  29. Ala

    He’s so handsome :) And why you think he can’t break the law? Maybe he doesn’t look like, but he’s normal person with drawback and this kind of stuff. Better tell me what he’s doing on picture 6. Why he’s kissing her? :(

  30. Flik

    It rather looks like Olive’s kissing David, don’t you think? ;) There’s so many questions about this series, I can’t wait to see it!

  31. Ala

    Oh, maybe you are right :) But they are kissning anyway :( I’ m curious what will happen- Olive and David together or not? Personally, I can’t decide. But what do you think guys ;)

  32. Kika

    Yeah, I’m not so sure either… On the one hand, it’s pretty obvious there IS something between them, but on the other hand, isn’t it TOO obvious to be true? What do you think?

  33. Cygarretka

    Kika, good point:) maybe they will kiss, than have a big fight, than…we’ll see.
    I think that we should not focus on romance any more, David is not only Olive’s lover, he is also a cop… How his job will influence Olive’s one?

  34. Hannah

    Oh yes, perfect relationship- kiss then fight :) You know I think that this kind of “love” (if we can say that) will survive anything. No matter what they come across on their way. But Cygarretka is right. We shouldn’t focus on romance. Byt on the other hand it is so interesting… I can’t wait to find out. Maybe they are going to get married :) Haha just kidding. What do U thing guys?

  35. Lucy

    For me it isn’t a perfect relationship. I can’t imagine them together. He’s a cop who respects the law, and she is a criminal. They don’t have a chance. But I’m curious how they met. Any ideas?

  36. RomanticGirl

    Lucy I think they might have met in soooo many situations, but it doesn’t really matter. Why do you think they don’t have a chance? In my opinion love has no limits, and maybe she will change her life to be with him. I know it’s very romantic vision, but I hope it would be true :-)


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