Alfie the Fixer

Alfie The Fixer - Dan Avery

Alfie the Fixer (age: about 32)
Played by:
Dan Avery

Alfie is an ex-Special Air Service soldier who currently owns a sort of pawn shop in one of London’s shabbiest districts. His “pawn shop” is actually an illegal gun/stolen property outlet, frequented by all sorts of criminals and lunatics. This is where Olive buys most of her gear whenever she happens to work in the UK.

Alfie is a prominent figure in the London underground, known for his entrepreneurial skills and eccentric ways. He can get you anything you need – from a box of hand grenades to highly confidential data about your business competitor – within hours.


Londoner by birth, he joined the Armed Forces in his teens. He adored military life and in his early 20s became a member of the elite SAS regiment. However, as he was doing a tour in Afghanistan in the early 2000s, his commanders grew suspicious of his behaviour – he seemed to have enjoyed the War way too much. He then failed psychological tests, which found him to be mentally unstable and sociopathic. That was more than enough to have him discharged and sent home.


Back in the UK he felt lost and confused. He drank too much and did some time in prison for sending a man to hospital with a broken jaw and concussion. However, during his imprisonment, he attended a state-sponsored business workshop. It helped him realise that he could turn his hobbies (namely guns and doing dangerous, crazy things) into a lucrative occupation. Once he was released, he opened his shop and quickly won many loyal customers.


Alfie is weird, clever and highly pragmatic when it comes to money. He is a very experienced fighter and exceptional marksman. He fancies Olive and is convinced she fancies him, too. However his feelings for her, such as they are, will never ever make him give up on an easy profit or miss an opportunity to take advantage of her situation.

Interview with Dan Avery

15 thoughts on “Alfie the Fixer

  1. Adrian Pokrywka

    LOL, Alfie probably will be my favourite character! He has everything the best – he is very courageous, know a lot about military, he helps Olive and – according to pics – he is so funny guy! I hope his part in movie won’t be small! What do you think about him, maybe there will be a little romance with Olive? Or maybe David oven will chat up first? Give me your opinions! :D

  2. SmartPants

    I also think that he will be my favourite character. David and Olive will be in love, and Alfie will be attracted with Olive, but Olive will not be attracted with him.
    I love sociopathic characters. Who do you think beat his face?:)

  3. Radek Kowalewski

    I think in some initial episodes we will see romance between Alfie and Olive, but later will appear David Owen. It’s interestic subject too, because Alfie is illegal weapon-dealer and David is a policeman… Maybe there will be argument between them?

  4. Luke

    I think that definitely comes to some quarrel between him and David. I just hope that he won’t be with Olivia! Maybe they have a lot in common as, for example, this whole love for weapons, but also their have many differences. Do you think that he will be started to her? :D And did you see them together?

  5. Flik

    Luke, I don’t really see them together. For sure there is some special relationship between Olive and Alfie, but I don’t think it’s something deeper. But, on the other hand, why not? They’re both attractive, interested in gun and military, maybe there’s something up to? :)

  6. Karolina Noworyta

    Probably you’re right Bolek that it’s just business. I like Alfie, he looks like a funny and positive guy :) I hope he’s one of the main characters!

  7. Brangelina

    I have an idea, which won’t be in the movie… (btw it’s a movie not tv series-there will be no episodes I guess)
    They are a little lib similar to Mr and Mrs Smith:D dont you think so?:D

  8. Adam Karski

    I wonder about Alfie’s everyday lifestyle, cause I see interesting pictures there! Grafitti, old cars, is that his world?

  9. Gracy

    Adam, I think he likes that… He loves gun and military, and I think he also can like such a world. But it can also be a cover for his true activities. He’s got a pawn shop, so new cars and nice places don’t fit here ;)

  10. Milka

    Wow, interesting bad boy! I also think that all those cars and graffitis its just a cover for his real activities… He lives in dangerous world, his job is illegal, I wonder if he has any deep feelings for someone?

  11. Patala

    Girls like bad boys ;D Danger, power, great body..mmmm.. ;D I don’t think that there is only business relationship between Olive and Alfie!!! He is my favourite character! O+A=LOVE!

  12. Avantka

    Patala I don’t agree with
    you. They do the same things and it can’t be here some kind of chemistry between
    them. Alfie need girl which is delicate, emotional and she show him that is something
    like love and respect and it can live normal with many adventures but without
    risk own life. That’s my opinion.

  13. Dominika

    I’m not sure about Alfie. He doesn’t look like a soldier (in my opinion). He is totally opposite of Mr. Cloutier. Is he a bad boy? Not really…
    P.s. the last foto – keep your hands off Mr. Cloutier!! wrr!!


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