Allen Adams

Allen Adams - Mac McKenna

Allen Adams
Played by:
Mac McKenna

Adams is a part time car mechanic, a full-time alcohol addict and … a murderer. Definitely not a man born under a lucky star.

In all fairness, he never meant to kill anyone, but was tricked into doing it by Robert Murray. It was Adams that cleverly damaged the car of Steven and Sophie Campbell, which led to their tragic demise. However, he had no idea this would happen – he thought he was merely helping Murray extort some insurance money.

Murray rewarded him quite handsomely afterwards, but made it clear that Adams would only live if he stayed quiet. Adams has never been an angel, but he isn’t evil. The burden of the horrible secret has cast a shadow on his entire life. He started drinking and whatever relatives or friends he had, they have all turned their backs on him.

And, so this miserable, lonely person is busy drinking himself to death until one day David and Alfie pay him a visit.

3 thoughts on “Allen Adams

  1. Stokrotka

    He looks like Anthony Hopkins in Hannibal! His face tells everything – he must be a murderer. I’m sure it would be really very interesting character, can’t wait to see him!

  2. mysterious

    For me, Allen is not a murderer. He did it by accident – it’s only fault Robert, who cleverly tricked Allen. You can see that the man couldn’t accept what he did – he began to drink, lost friends and family. Why do you think came to him David and Alfie? Do you think they suspect him of this crime?

  3. Mademoiselle

    I’m also curious what David and Alfie could want from him… I don’t think they suspect him of this accident, but rather think he can know something about it. What do you think, will he be a important character in this movie? ;>


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