January 29, 2014

Interview with the film director


We are interviewing Suki Singh, the film director of Olive Green

What are you most proud of within the Olive Green project?

I am proud that we are creating such a unique multi-purpose project that retains a great balance of education, story and cinema.

What was the most challenging part of your work?

The main challenge was making sure we filmed all the content of the script within the given time and budget and deliver a high quality movie.

What are your expectations about the final project?

I expect us to deliver a great educational user experience that is engaging and rewarding for its key audience and a Cinema cut that is pure entertainment.

7 thoughts on “Interview with the film director

  1. Darling

    I believe that this project is very interesting. It’s a great combination of film with education. In the pictures from the plan you can see that the director did a great job. I can’t wait for the movie. Anyone know when is the premiere?

  2. Andzia

    I don’t know when it will premiere. After the interview with the director can see that he is very proud and pleased with the work done. You can see from the pictures that admosfera plan was good.

  3. Piripiri

    I’d like to know which level of englich (from A1 to C2) is enough to get everything from that movie? It will be great if I could watch it with my Dad, which is pre-intermediate ( I think it’s b1).

  4. Marek Jarociński

    Film director is proud of retains a great balance of education, story and cinema. And it is true, that idea from beginning it’s fantastic. I think not only me, but my kids and friends will learn English with Olive’s help. Congratulations to all people who have maked this project. You have done a great job! :D

  5. Ananas

    Darling, according to filmweb, the premier should be today, on the 1st February. I’m so excited! :) That movie was made of a great idea, I think we should all congratulate the film director to the great job he made :)

  6. JoGo

    I heard that we can choose lever but i don’t know how it works! It must be intermediate level. This film is to teach also it can’t be very difficult but with many new words too.

  7. Salamandra

    I hope it won’t be just educational experience, but also really interesting movie, full of action and curious characters. Can’t wait to see it!


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