Martin Willis

Martin Willis - Michael Howe

Martin Willis
Played by:
Michael Howe, Matthew Simpson

Throughout his entire adult life Martin Willis has been driven by two emotions: love for Beatrice Murray and hatred for her husband, Robert Murray. Neither of these emotions is healthy; together they have turned him into a miserable maniac.

Martin fell in love with Beatrice when he worked as a truck driver in Old Berry. He was 20-something at that time, while she was not yet an adult in legal terms. He came from an underprivileged, working-class family with a history of alcohol abuse, while her parents were well-off aristocrats. And yet Martin and Beatrice had many things in common and they believed they were destined to be together.

When Beatrice was taken from Martin as a result of the scheme devised by her parents and Robert Murray, Martin broke down. However he realised very quickly that he had good reasons to stand back on his feet, namely getting even with Murray. Martin knew that the man who had stolen the love of his life was out of his league, so he had to join that league to get him. To achieve that Martin became a self-taught expert in finance and business. By investing money – initially the small amounts he earned and later the substantial sum he inherited after his uncle’s death – he began to accumulate more and more wealth.

Matthew Simpson - Young Martin

When his good financial standing was assured, he could afford hiring private detectives and reporters to observe Murray and his family. For years he collected every bit of information about his nemesis and about Beatrice who looked increasingly unhappy on every subsequent photo.

At some point, Martin had enough information to suspect that Murray was involved in some illegal activity. And yet the conclusive proof was out of his reach. That is why he has decided to get in touch with Olive Green and send her on a mission to Old Berry.

Martin is a tragic figure. In some way, to destroy Robert Murray he had to become his exact copy – just as manipulative and cynical. However, the time will show that Martin is not a bad man.

12 thoughts on “Martin Willis

  1. Trinny

    I love such a tragic characters! Love, hate and he lost in his feelings, it seems to me that he’ll be one of my favorite characters. Do you think he has any chance to be with Beatrice? He devoted all his life to be in her league, so he needs to be with her finally!

  2. Jarek

    Honestly I don’t think that he might be with Beatrice, she would love him if he would have been as innocent and charming as he was years ago, but now, when he is cynical and manipulative, just like Beatrice’s husband? I think that life has changed him too much and he is not the same person anymore, it’s sad but tragic characters are usually unhappy forever…

  3. Rasputin

    He is definately tragic character. I don’t think that he will end up with Beatrice, because she is on drugs all the time, as I recall.
    But hiring Olive Green will bring him evidence to destroy Robert, I’m pretty sure about that.

  4. Account

    finance and business – i know it too :) Rasputin, your script can be possible, i don’t know or this is healthy relationship. hiring private detectives? He must stop think about past!!!!!!!!!

  5. Pa-ra-pa-pa-paaaa

    I think that he’s that type of characters who always think about the past, his past is his obsession and he’ll never be able to forget about it.

  6. Funny

    Pa-ra-pa-pa-pAAA – I think so too. Martin is a good man. He gives the impression of a sad person, suffering and wanting revenge. I hope that under the influence of the revenge he doesn’t change. Do you think that when he will kill Robert he finally find peace?

    1. Nicola

      I don’t think he’ll find peace. Desire of revenge never ends. He can destroy Robert’s plans. He can show evidences and show that right is on his side. He can even kill him and reclaim Beatrice. But it will never reward him all that years he lost due to Robert.

  7. Kataka

    @disqus_0vdoa063O6:disqus ,
    it will be hard for Martin. He will never find peace in the world because Beatrice will never be with the murderer of her husband. He has money, but it doesn’t matter. Beatrice has chosen long, long time ago and will never change her mind. If Martin kills her husband she will never forget this! She will hate Marin to the end of life.

  8. Georgie

    You can’t really know what is on her mind :) And I think that despite of this crime she will be able to forgive him one day and maybe create a happy relationship. But of course it might be different. If I were her, I think I wouldn’t even considere to forget about that.But Martin looks like this kind of man who always fight for something important and I believe he won’t let her go :)

  9. Cygarretka

    I think that he is so unhappy that his actions will lead him to wrong place. I understand that he is not evil, but… Well, maybe he is just very romantic and passionate about Beatrice, who knows what is on a man’s mind:)

  10. Patricia

    Honestly I’m not sure if Beatrice would be able to forgive him… I think it was just youth love, now she lives her life, and even if Martin wants to be with her, it maight be too late…

  11. Damian

    I think that Beatrice forgive him. Martin probably would want to be with her ​​and I think that love is never too late.


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