Cloutier - Tony Parkin

Mr. Cloutier
Played by:
Tony Parkin

Cloutier, a Frenchman by birth, is an expert art dealer who lives in London. For years he was organising thefts of famous works of art all over Europe and delivering them to his clients. He managed a team of talented thieves who were able to steal anything anywhere and vanish without a trace. In the heyday of his criminal activity (namely, mid-1970s), Cloutier was a big name. You could see him at fancy parties, rubbing shoulders with movie stars, politicians and influential businessmen.

However, the times changed. His contractors either retired, had been shot or put in prison. To make matters worse, the digital era began. A new type of thief was needed – one that could hack computers and deal with ubiquitous surveillance. That was when Olive came knocking at the doors of his boutique. She was young and eager to learn. Cloutier invested the remainder of his money in her training, which she repaid with interest by completing a series of heists that made her famous in the criminal milieu.

Cloutier - Tony Parkin

However, after a while, Olive realised how little she got from the deal and decided to work independently. Most of Cloutier’s clients left him choosing to buy directly from her. Cloutier has grown poor again and more bitter than ever. He hates Olive and wants her dead.

Cloutier is a subtle man and a hedonist. He abhors violence, but realises that occasionally it is simply unavoidable in his business. Now and again there comes a time when you need to have someone beaten up or terrorised to achieve your goals. For this reason Cloutier has hired Marco (played by Scott Mahoney). The young man is also a Frenchman, born in Marseilles. Marco was a member of a vicious teenage gang that was busted by the local police. He later moved to the UK and was recommended to Cloutier who was happy to have a French bodyguard.

31 thoughts on “Cloutier

  1. Radek Kowalewski

    Hm, Mr. Clutier is an intriguing character… He is very elegance and well-mannered boss, interested in art. I’m not surprised he hates Olive – she takes his position in that business. What is more, he is a little frustrated old man, angry because of the passing of his best times. I think his role in the movie won’t be big, but he can surprise, maybe he will intrude to any Olive order?

  2. Miau

    Also I think his role in the film will be small. I’m not entirely convinced of his hatred for Olivia. They spent some time together and maybe he is really angry at her that she had left him, but maybe he just misses her? Or more likely it is that he will want
    to kill her? What you think?

  3. Bolek

    You’re right, he is very angry at Oliwa, and will want to kill her. Once he was a great well-known thief. Olive lot from him learned and thanks Most of Cloutier’s clients left him choosing to buy Directly from her.

  4. Adam Karski

    Haha, what a style! Very stylish beret, fashionable moustache, tailor-made suit and big knowledge about art. Classical mafia-man! :D

  5. Karolina Noworyta

    Even his face has something from mafioso :D Well, he’s definitely a black character and probably the first character I don’t like in the series. Does every old man have to be bitter?

  6. Sloth

    I am not surprised that he hates Olive, but willing to kill her is too much as a revenge. I think that it would be ironic if he will steel her something very valuable-but not as valuable as her life or health.

  7. Adrian Pokrywka

    Hmm, maybe Mr. Cloutier will cooperate with another rich and elegant character, like Robert Murray or Gennady? Like a boss, you know :D

  8. Maggie

    Maybe… But I don’t think they also hate Olive, I think rather they need her.
    Btw, Cloutier looks like a quiet, dear grandpa on this pictures, doesn’t he?

  9. Josh

    You are so right Maggie. I can’t imagine him as a gangster. Maybe because he looks like my grandfather :) But in the same time he reminds me of someone evil and cruel. That’s why I don’t even wonder why he hates Olive. However, it’s logical that she took his position in the businessa and he wants revange. But I don’t think he will kill her. What do you think? Maybe he’s going to kidnap her? ;)

    1. Hadassa

      Hmm… I also hope he won’t kill her, she’s a main character so he generally can’t :p but kidnapping sounds really interesting, it could for me ;p

  10. Patala

    This is work and MONEY! Cloutier can be in troubles but Olive too. They steal and break the law. There is always risk. Someone betray… It can’t true anybody when we speak abuot business.

  11. Dominika

    Mr. Cloutier- i love this kind of character! Thief and gentlemen in one person! But he is a little old fashioned. How will he manage in XXI century? It sounds really interesting!

  12. Kika

    Right Dominika, I wonder whether doing his “job” is still possible in XXI century. I mean, this new technology and this kind of stuff.. it must be difficult for a person as old as he to get used to all of this.

  13. Kadarka

    Girls! You can learn and master everything! It takes time but is possible. I know man “old date” people which can use computer and all the other technology news like smartphone or ipods.

  14. Misza

    I agree with Kadarka. If he wanted to learn new technologies he would do it. I don’t like the character. How do you think why Cloutier hired Marco?

  15. Damian

    Marco hired Marco to protect him and helped. Cloutier is old and lacks the strength to defense and abhors violence. Unfortunately, his work is needed a bodyguard.

  16. Tony Parkin

    Monsieur Cloutier at your serveece!!
    A am quite a ‘umble man..underneath…-zee airs and graces are strictly for zee performance…all a ‘ope
    eez zat you lurve ze fi’m and zee pairformance…. allez vous ont….a tout a l’heure….au revoir…..mes

  17. AmandaflUro

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  22. Tony Parkin

    My favourite..character..for a ‘decent’ part..on Film wearing my choice…of Suits..and mac. and Beret/type hat..very francais!! Waistcoast..that shines through…and exp;ressions..that show he’s a man..not to be tampered with..(he has a ‘bodyguard’) He did not weant to ‘kill’ Olive..-only…’literally’. Actually he adores ‘women’ -hence..the way..dresses..women love a ‘waistcoat’ -and a man who appreciates ‘elegance’;. -so they should and that is what HE appreciates from a LADY! Tony P.xxxx(2023) -actual age (80)..-going on ‘the new ’60!’!!!


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