September 30, 2013

Priceless painting

The Thistle Flowers

Well, it’s priceless in the film anyway! The Thistle Flowers – a still life crucial for the plot of our film has been painted by Kajetan Karczewski, a young, talented student of the University of Arts in Poznań. It took him 10 days to complete this fake impressionistic work, using oil paints on canvas. The […]

September 18, 2013

Mission “Mansion” accomplished

Mansion, Aynhoe Park, Oxfordshire

Or in other words … We’ve got the mansion! It is no small matter because this building plays a major role in our interactive Olive Green film. It is the place that Olive – following the order of a mysterious Client – needs to break into to steal the Thistle Flowers – a 19th century […]

September 17, 2013

Arri Alexa camera kit secured!

Arri Alexa - kamera z Jamesa Bonda

Or in other words … We’ve got the James Bond camera! We are happy to inform you that we have been successful in securing a fully kitted out Arri Alexa camera for the Olive Green movie. This means that it will be shot on one of the best motion picture cameras available on the market […]

September 9, 2013

Toby Eddington to play the baddie

Toby Eddington jako Robert Murray

Or in other words … His performance will not leave you indifferent. Toby Eddington is to play the role of Robert Murray, the main antagonist of the film. He is evil, cunning and despicable, and yet it is hard not to admire him. Speaking of Toby’s acting portfolio, there is a commercial of the Strongbow […]

September 4, 2013

We’ve got Olive! I mean Charlotte.

Charlotte Beckett in an alternative version of Olive Green : )

Or in other words … Well, judge for yourself! Charlotte has confirmed accepting the role of Olive Green! Her portfolio includes films and TV videos for: ITV, 4 Creative, Barclays, Philips, BBC 2, BBC FOUR, Samsung Mobile and others. K

September 2, 2013

Title and plot revealed (Spoiler alert!)

Olive Green

This is probably the moment when we should let in on what the film is going to be called and be about. And so, Ladies and Gentlemen, its title will be … OLIVE GREEN which is actually the full name of the main character in the film. The following is a short treatment of it, […]

Auditions completed!

Casting do Olive Green

The auditions for Olive Green started on 29 July 2013 and took 6 days. The response to the online ads posted by our producer (e.g. here) was immense, with almost 2,500 actors willing to play in the film. The casting crew had shortlisted 400 candidates who were later invited to the auditions. On 27 August, […]

April 15, 2013

Let’s do it!


London, Earl’s Court. Together with Alicja we meet Mike and Matthew from Ekstasy, and last but not least, Suki. The purpose of the meeting is to finalize the conditions for signing the contract and to make sure that Suki is ready to work with us as the director on the Olive Green film. Suki is […]

October 28, 2012

Scriptwriter for our project selected!

Wojtek – our scriptwriter

We are happy to announce that we have found a scriptwriter for our film project! Funnily enough, he does not live in London or in Hollywood, but a few miles from our company headquarters in Poznań, Poland. His name is Wojciech and our film will be yet another large project he will be working on […]

July 18, 2012

Possible plot lines for our future film

Koncept 4

Three months after our meeting in London, our British producer sent us nine brief treatments of films which they had developed, bearing in mind our expectations. We were very excited to read this stuff and as soon as we received it, we quickly distributed it among the people involved in the project on the part […]