Olive Green

Olive Green - Charlotte Beckett

Olive Green (age: 26)
Played by:
Charlotte Beckett

Olive Green is a prominent art thief, operating internationally. She had a very tough childhood, growing up in one of the poorest districts of New York, in a troubled family of Mexican origin. Her mother was a decent, hard-working woman, but her beloved father was a small-time thief, always down on his luck. He taught Olive a great deal about the profession before he was shot during a botched-up burglary. His tragic death left a deep mark on Olive’s life.

Olive was an exceptionally talented teenager, even if she had some problems with the law in her school days. Despite her reputation, she got a scholarship at college, but got bored and dropped out. That was the moment when she realized who she is destined to become.

She moved to Europe looking for opportunities to gain new experience and hone her skills. In London, she caught the attention of Mr Cloutier, supposedly a renown art trader, who in fact organized high-profile thefts of works of art. He quickly recognized her potential, took her under his wing and invested heavily in her training.

Charlotte Beckett - Olive Green

She then spent a few years stealing for him until she understood there was nothing else he could teach her. She quit and since then she has been working as a freelancer on both sides of the Atlantic, building a reputation of one of the best specialist on the market.

Her recent conflict with a former client – a ruthless and powerful gangster, named Kirsch – leaves her no choice but to leave the USA. And so, she gladly accepts a job from a mysterious British client who wants her to steal a certain painting. Well, she has no idea what she is getting herself into!

Olive is highly intelligent, with a dry sense of humor. She is very agile and stronger than she looks. Growing up in a poor, dangerous neighborhood made her a ruthless street fighter. To that she added years of self-defense training. She speaks English, Spanish, acceptable French and a few other languages.

Cynical as she seems, she follows a very strict code of ethics. Is she then a good person or a bad person? Well, it depends how you look at it.

Interview with Charlotte Beckett

21 thoughts on “Olive Green

  1. Matthew

    Fascinating as a biography, but it doesn’t look to me for a person who knows many languages​​. Few intelligent expression. It looks while on the killer, but not with such a tiny pistols, but with a powerful weapon, right ? ;d

  2. Matthew

    Fascinating as a biography, but it doesn’t look to me for a person who knows many languages​​. Few intelligent expression. Also Olive is a person who knows how to kill but with small weapon looks funny. She should have a sniper rifle, right? : D

  3. Daria s'Sell

    she don’t looks like thief! Especially in a turquoise dress! She’s so pretty! and….mysterious. QMatthew I think that a person with so embroiled and a little sad past has a lot of flair.

  4. ZuZ

    I really
    like the idea of ​​creating this film. Does anyone know what inspired the
    directors to create this project? Is the movie will be on DVD?

  5. Karolina Noworyta

    Well, maybe she jest didn’t want to live normal person’s life. Maybe there’s some explanation for that? Maybe her psychological characteristic a bit deeper? Now I’m really interested in that girl!

  6. Pawełek

    I think she is a good actress, she can quickly adapt to the new situation. In addition, there is a strong, agile and beautiful. It’s hard to know what is really character.

  7. Marti Dzik

    That gun is really small:D Anyway, I hope that Olive won’t be other copy of Lara Croft, because the only thing, when I look at her, I think about is Angelina Jolie.

    Plot is fine, but it sounds familiar. Right now I cannot say why.

  8. Skarrpetta

    I’m not sure if my comment dissapeared, so I’ll write again. I think that she’s similar to Lara Croft. But maybe this type of woman seems to me more appriopriate to ‘be’ action-woman:D that cute blonds…
    And I’m curious who’s that mysterious client… Any ideas?

  9. Jula

    I think that this mysterious client is Robert Murray. I love this independent and beautiful women. You can see that she knows what she wants and takes it. I also noticed her resemblance to Lara Croft. I think that Olive looks better in jeans than a
    dress.Very sexy looks in black, tight pants! And you? What do you think about
    her clothes?

  10. Bolek

    I really like her dress. I would like to have such a beautiful dress. Also I would love to know who who’s going to shoot her . I wonder if survive.

  11. Marek Jarociński

    Hey look –> picture 15 – their faces speak for themselves, haha :D I can’t wait for this movie – in olivegreen.com I saw guns, expensive cars, art, elegant mans, sexy women, intrigues, fights and, on picture 81 – even diggers! What an idea!

  12. cantus

    I think that Olive has a big true love in the past! But now she wont falling in love with anybody. In the first place is for her ‘work’ ;D no love problems! it isn’t romantic comedy!!!! ;D

  13. Anka

    I have no idea with who
    she is fighting in this picture.
    Maybe it isn’t a romantic comedy, but the love
    story appears. I think that love problems arise. We must remember – many people like Olivia.

  14. Pierniczek

    For me it is obvious – love is in the air! There must be some love affair so that more girls would like it! :) Plus – it makes a movie more interesting and exciting :)

  15. PIKA

    Picture 76 is very funny ;D Maybe Sergey see first time in his live shovel ;D and picture 102 they (Olive + Sergey) looks wonderful together! She hot and etermined. Girls like cute and shy boys! It isn’t girls? Yeaahh ;D

  16. Jolin

    I have to admit – she is very pretty. But I don’t think she should be with David. They don’t fit together – but opposites attract. I’m more curious about the conflict she had
    with gangster named Kirch. any ideas?

  17. Abigail

    I’m curious about her “strict code of ethics” – how strict do you think it is? I think that as a thief she has her sins, I wonder how much… About Kirch – I suppose she might have stole something that he wanted.

  18. Ines

    I agree with You! She absolutely doesn’t look like a thief. More like good student and primus. But it is excellent cover. Nobody is expecting that she could still be up to something. Maybe because of that she is so effective. What do You think about it? In my opinion she is really intresting character!

  19. Odel

    I am not sure… As for me it cannot be true relationship. Maybe they look cute but she is a thief and it can be for her only a kind of business (probably). She is an action girl. When everything finishes she will have to find another adventure. Or…maybe…It is trap for David? And she is bait.


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