Martin’s uncle

Martin's uncle - Edmund Dehn

Bernard Willis (Martin’s Uncle)
Played by:
Edmund Dehn

Bernard Willis was perhaps the only person that showed kindness to young Martin Willis and gave a damn about his future.

For Bernard it was plain as day that his brother and his wife were offering Martin a singularly crappy childhood. And so he did what he could to bring the boy to Old Berry as often as possible, giving him a substitute for a normal family life. Having no kids himself, he loved Martin dearly and the feeling was reciprocated.

It was Bernard – a hard-working owner of a small business – that taught Martin to believe in himself and never to give up. The two lessons proved very valuable in the years to come.

Bernard Willis (Martin’s Uncle) - Edmund Dehn

When Martin lost Beatrice, Bernard felt deeply sorry for his nephew, but his attempts to offer consolation failed. He was heart-broken when the young man refused to meet him.

Bernard Willis (Martin’s Uncle) - Edmund Dehn

Bernard died a few years after Beatrice’s wedding. He left his transport company and house to Martin. The young man, not without a sense of grief, sold it all to secure funding for the transactions that became the foundation of his future wealth.

2 thoughts on “Martin’s uncle

  1. guest

    He seemed to be very sensitive and family run, what a pity he already died! I hope Martin will remember him and his values!

  2. Andzia

    Martin certainly will remember for a lifetime, what it has taught Bernard. Bernard cared much about Martin as if it was his son. He gave him a substitute for a normal family life.


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